Marco Salogni was born under a lucky star on March 28th, 1976. From that day on, he started imagining his ideal world and is still doing it by painting and illustrating his fantasies.

He works and lives with his large family, surrounded by vineyards and cats, in Passirano, a small town located in the Italian region of Franciacorta.

Marco attended Caravaggio Art School and then refined his technique in art workshops, in the nearby city of Brescia, where he had the pleasure of meeting some truly eclectic and unusual people.

He currently works as a graphic freelancer for advertising agencies, and has written and illustrated various children books published in Italy.

He loves to browse and buy picture books; he is often amazed by the communication skills shown by many talented artists.

During his years of work, he collected various prizes, trophies and medals, but still believes that the real reward in his job is being able to improve and get better day after day.